What is the most fabulous thing you have ever done? What is the most elegant place you have ever been to? For me compared to Le Diner en Blanc I do not think I have done or attended anything else that is as fabulous. Le Diner en Blanc is finally coming to Nairobi on the 5th of December. This will be the first event in Kenya and also in East Africa and saying I am excited will be quite an injustice!

So what is Le Diner en Blanc? Well as the name suggests its an all white party. Like all white EVERYTHING!!! White cloths, white shoes, white chairs, white table linen, white plates. White, not cream not off white, just plain White. It’s an exclusive event therefore you have to register for the event. Register here  after you register. If you are special enough you are sent an invite to attend the event. You then pay for the ticket (3,500 per person and they are sold in pairs so 7,000) and from there you begin to make your own experience. Decide what to wear, what to eat, how your table will look like. The best thing about Le Diner en Blanc is that you as the participant create the environment that you want to party in.  So what do you need to think about

1. What to wear

Remember it has to be all white, elegance is welcome. You can wear hats and gloves. Look stunning, look sexy but not trashy. Be creative. No t-shirts, no shorts or bermudas no baseball hats.

I am yet to get my outfit. One week to go and I haven’t figured out what to wear. I am in such panick mode. Trying to decide between a jump suit and a tutu skirt. What are you wearing? a1cbbbdd200c862acd287791471fcebc-1393047924-1015x325





What your table is going to look like 

The organizers are going to provide tables, chairs and table clothes. You will have to set up the table yourself and then decorate it. Remember that the theme is white though gold, silvers or generally metalic items are allowed . So what to carry:

* plates

* cutllery

* flowers

* napkin

* other table deco

weeklypost - tableessentials - FINAL


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What will you eat?

This is the most important part of the evening. Will you be bringing your own food or do you want to buy? Will you be bringing your own wine or would you like to buy? If you want to buy here is a link to what is on offer if you will be carrying your own food remember

* It needs to be a 3 course meal

*No sandwiches are allowed

* I would suggest you do not bring very saucy food, you are wearing white we do not want the slightest mess now do we?

* You are allowed to bring a bottle of wine each. No other liquor is allowed.


Doesn’t it sound so exciting? I honestly can not wait. Now if you are wondering how the night progresses here is a tentative program



After dinner there will be some dancing and socialising. You never know who you will meet.


So see you then and remember. Rain or shine diner is on.

rain or shine

Written by Wangeci