I love upcycling, The ideas out there on the internet are amazing. People can be so darn creative with simple stuff. Like Cans; you know the tomato cans or coconut milk cans the number of things you can make with those are just too many. I will write a post of them soon. Now the grater ever wondered what to do with one that is rusty?? or just old? well then here are a few idea. All you need for most of these DIYs is the grater and paint and you are good to go.

I love the idea of using the grater to organize  earrings. For this you just need paint, you can even use spray paint or take it to a fundi to do a quick paint for you let it dry and just like that you have a new item 🙂



Use it to organise your Kitchen utensils. To do this Drill two- four nails on the wall precisley measuring the distance in the bigger holes and ensuring the nail head will fit in. Place a wooden slab that again has been measured on the bottom (actually top) of the grater. Fix on the wall and that is it

images (1)

A clock!! how cool is that??? In this Nairobi where everyone is hustling I bet you that you can not miss someone who will fix this watch for you. All you need to do is post the photo in one of the countless Facebook markets and you will definitely get someone to do it for you.


Use it as a flower vase cum towel holder or better yet



Just as a flower vase



I absolutely love this idea for kitchen. pendant lighting made from a colander and a grater??? who knew!! Get an electrician to help you with this it will look absolutely stunning in your kitchen.


images (3)Not all lighting needs a an electrician, sometimes all you need is a little imagination. Tea light candles for a dinner party.. splendid


All images are from different websites found through google.com




Written by Wangeci